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Utgivelsesmerknader for

Utgivelsesversjon: 2.0.0
Utgivelsesdato: March 30, 2021


• New feature: support for Amazon Alexa* 
• Fixed: charging case LED indication for low battery (6 red flashes)
• Fixed: audio recording quality for WeChat voice messages
• Fixed: rare cases of incorrect full battery status for the earbuds
• Fixed: mute function occasionally resulted in low volume for the microphone and the receiving end on a call
• Performance and stability improvements

*Requires an Amazon account and installment of the Amazon Alexa app


Utgivelsesversjon: 1.38.0
Utgivelsesdato: February 01, 2021


• New feature: MyFit is a seal test which checks the user’s optimal ear gel seal for an enhanced ANC performance and music experience (available in Jabra Sound+*).
• New feature: option to change headset name (available in Jabra Sound+*) 
• Updated: added OFF into the headset Sound Modes: HearThrough/ANC/OFF (available in Jabra Sound+*)
• Updated: audio experience
• Updated: behavior of charging case LED when battery is critically low
• Performance and stability improvements

*Note: requires Jabra Sound+ version 4.10 or later

Utgivelsesversjon: 1.27.0
Utgivelsesdato: November 19, 2020


Updated: music performance improvements
Fixed: crackling noise during calls
Fixed: popping noise when toggling between sound modes on the headset
Fixed: noise when removing right earbud from ear
Fixed: rare issue with no call audio if disconnecting earbuds during a call and reconnecting again
Performance and stability improvements

Utgivelsesversjon: 1.16.0
Utgivelsesdato: October 21, 2020


• Updated: audio performance
• Updated: LED behavior
• Updated: voice prompt volume
• Performance and stability improvements

Utgivelsesversjon: 1.3.0
Utgivelsesdato: October 19, 2020


  • First public release